Shortcut Key to Play Next Video on YouTube

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How To Upload Photos To Google Image

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How To Upload Photos To Google Image

When should you switch your Job

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When should you switch your Job
When should you switch your Job

This is a tricky question. You might be working in your present job for quite long but you should also know that when do you have to switch. Also, in private jobs it’s all about growth be it monetary or organizational. And the secret to both lies in constant switching. So, for this you need to know when is the bell going to ring and when you should start looking for an opportunity outside.

Let’s have a look at the points given below to find out is this the time for you to switch your job –

1.       Learning – First and foremost in the early stages of your career at least till 5-6 years you must understand that learning is going to be extremely important for you. Thus, focus on what and how much are you learning. If any time you feel that your learning has stopped or it is not adding any value to your CV then this is the time for you.

2.       Boring – Of course if you feel that you are dragging yourself to work every day or if you are not finding it exciting to work then you should switch guys. There is no point in working in so much pressure and mental exhaustion when you have the easy option to switch.

3.       Monetary Issues – If you feel that you are underpaid in your current job then you must switch. And I strongly believe that money is one of the major driving forces in your job. Thus, at any point of time if you feel that you are being paid less then you should never hesitate to switch.

4.       Too Long – If you have been in your current job for too long then you must switch. Otherwise trust me you will soon become obsolete in the market. 3 years is the maximum time to stay in a job. Post that if you are working in the same role then you must switch.

5.       Market Condition – if you feel that the market has moved ahead o your friends are far ahead in the career race, then you must switch. After all looking for options and switching continuously will keep you informed about the market conditions and also will keep you aware about your sector.  

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What your CV must cover

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What your CV must cover

CV or your curriculum vitae is something which will speak on your behalf. This is the cover for your job and on the basis of your CV only you will be called for the next stage. And for the same CV if found improper you might be rejected also.
What your CV must cover

Thus, your CV must have correct information which should maximize your chances of selection and not rejection. Have a look at the points given below which must be covered in your CV –

1.       Academic Details – You must understand that academic details are a must to be mentioned in your CV but till what extent should also be judged. If you are in the early stages of your career say till 3 years then your academic details might hold importance but as you grow in your career academic details will hold quite less importance. 

2.       Social Profiles – There is an option to give social media links to your profile but you must be choosy and adequate about it. There is no point in giving facebook, twitter and Instagram id in your CV. You should give only your linkedn id because it is the only professional networking site at present.

3.       Organizational details – This is one of the most important part of your CV. This is what will be minutely looked and studied upon. Thus, try to cover your organization name clearly. Also, enlist your job responsibilities fully. Make sure that if you are asked on any one of them then you will be able to answer it correctly.

4.       What to Avoid – In your organizational details section try to avoid putting your reporting authority’s name because that is not at all required. It will any way be mentioned in the references section.

5.       References – This is again a very important part of your CV and you should be careful as what you should put. Try to avoid your classmates and faculty members as it looks quite unprofessional. The best is to give references from your pas organizations. And do make sure that the phone number and email id you mention there is active.

6.       Length of the CV – This is very important. Your CV should be too the point and not too long. Make sure that if you have 3 years of experience then don’t make a CV of 6 pages otherwise it will reflect that you have just dragged about yourself.

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Travel Insurance – do I need insurance for a holiday in the UK?

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Travel Insurance – do I need insurance for a holiday in the UK?

Last week my wife and I booked a two centre holiday on the Scottish Isles. Seven days on Skye and then a ferry over to Steornabhagh for a further seven days on the Isle of Lewis. Wonderful scenery, plenty of walks and masses of peace and quiet.
Travel Insurance – do I need insurance for a holiday in the UK?

You could have blown me over when my local travel agent assumed that I wanted travel insurance for an additional £27.50. Not on your Nellie the Lock Ness monster, I thought. Who needs travel insurance for a holiday in Britain? The National Health Service is free and in an emergency, my son could drive up and bring us home.

Later in the relaxing setting of my sitting room I got to thinking …………..

Holiday misfortunes don't only happen abroad. So with my pessimistic hat on, I made a note of the risks:

Some rotter might steal our luggage

Last week I bought an all singing and dancing digital camera especially for the trip. Got it on the Internet. I might lose it whilst away.

If either of us were hospitalised we wouldn't want to be marooned on Skye. We'd want to transfer to our local hospital in Warwickshire.

My wife's parents are getting on. God forbid, but I'd have to cancel the holiday if something happened to them just before we're due to go.

One of us could be taken ill before we depart and we'd be forced to cancel. As the ferries and the hotels were non-cancellable, we'd lose everything we'd paid.

There may be a major delay at the ferry going over to the Isle of Lewis. Besides the inconvenience, we have to arrange an extra overnight stay on Skye.

One of us might be called up for jury service.

Then it struck me. If I were holidaying in the Britain, my existing Home and Contents policy might cover me for loss of my camera or luggage. I dug out the policy document. Lucky I did. I was only insured for “personal possessions” if they were listed and as I'd just bought my digital camera I hadn't got round to listing it as a valuable item on my policy.

Another aspect struck me. I'd lose my no claims discount if I made a holiday related claim on my Home & Contents policy. That wouldn't be a good idea. I've got a ten year claims free record that policy and it still cost me £310 a year. I jotted down a another note – remember, when the policy comes up for renewal, see if I could get it cheaper on the Internet.

By now a travel policy at £27.50 for was looking worthwhile after all.

Now my wife says I'm a bit of an old skin flint. So keep up the image! I know, get back online and check out the travel agents' policy at £27.50. Is it competitive?

Not all the web sites I surfed could offer me a single trip travel policy for a holiday within the UK but within ten minutes I'd found what I wanted - and a saving of over £10!

Time to study the small print to confirm I had the cover I wanted. Great, all the risks I had noted were covered. The insurer would even pay out £30 if my ferry was delayed for up to 12 hours and then give me the option to cancel my trip to the Isle of Lewis and get my money back.

Now what wouldn't they pay for? I wasn't covered if my holiday was for less than two nights or my hotel was less than 25 miles away from home. I also had to meet the first £30 of any claim. Seemed fair to me.

The decision was made. Simply type in my credit card details and I was insured in a CLICK.

Peace of mind restored!

Prepping for interview

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Prepping for interview
Prepping for interview

An interview is something which we all are nervous about. We keep on thinking about what are the perfect ways to nail an interview, especially personal interview. Because if you are able to nail a personal interview then you have higher chances of getting a job. But if in a personal interview if you are unsure or nervous then it shows automatically on your face. So, how to hide it or fake it in front of the interviewer. This is a bit tricky but not impossible.

Thus, let’s have a look at some below-given tips and tricks which will help you to prep fully and nail an interview –

1.       Research – Research about the organization you are going to attend an interview for. This will give you an insight into the organization and their values.

2.       Know their existing employees – You need to know about the existing employees of the organization. This will give you an idea that which type of employees do they like to have. Judge their number of years of experience, background, knowledge, skills and many more.

3.       Have a chat with them – In order to know better about the company have a chat with existing employees. Why don’t you use LinkedIn to have a professional introduction to the company and it’s working environment?

4.       Know who your interviewer is – You must research thoroughly about the interviewer. Find out from which background he is coming from. Find out his skills and knowledge and anything more professionally if you can.

5.       Know your job Profile – Do a thorough study of your job profile. This will help you to understand the job better and what the company demands from you and also will help you to ask any questions if you have about the job.

6.       Know the previous employee – Also, you need to find out who was working in the position where you are applying for. Find out why he left. Is there something you are missing? Also, maybe the previous employer will give you an insight into the company and your reporting authority.

7.       Your Costume – This is very important. Since you need to look confident try to look your best. Wear smart but comfortable clothes. Wear well ironed and steamed clothes. Also, don’t wear too bright clothes.

8.       Footwear Selection – Avoid nosy and uncomfortable shoes. This will show up immediately on your face and can ruin your entire interview.

9.       Smell Good – This is very important. Be it your oral smell or your body odour. Smell your best.
10. Check your CV – Double check your CV. Look for the questions or any loopholes in your CV. Prepare yourself for any negative questions. This will help you immensely during the interview.

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Importance of Digital Marketing in India

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Importance of Digital Marketing in India:
Importance of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing: Huge Market

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. As of 2016 our population is 1.3 billion. And our digitally equipped population is only 20% which is far less than US and China but because of our vast population we still have more than 25 crore people who are active users of internet.  This makes us stand to rank 3 of the world’s internet users.

Digital Marketing : what It Is

Digital Marketing is advertising or promoting your products and services in the digital market. Digital market here signifies search engines, social media sites, emails and various other electronic media devices.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Cost : Digital Marketing is extremely cost effective as compared to other traditional tools of marketing. If you compare print media and press media then you will realize that digital marketing only costs a fraction of the same.

Target Audience : The biggest bonus with digital marketing is that you will be able to tap the customers irrespective of sex, caste and creed. So, you can target them as a universal audience.

Coverage : The coverage with digital marketing is huge. You can not only cover Indian but you will be able to cover international audience as well. And the cost in covering both national and international boundaries will be extremely less.

Tracking : With digital marketing tracking has become much more easier. You can very easily track your target audience and monitor their likes and choices. This will help you make a better and informed choice about the same.

Interactive : Digital Market is highly interactive. People love to share their thoughts, ideas and views on digital platform which can inspire others or even others can comment on the same. This is what makes a healthy decision or an interactive platform. This makes the word to spread quite easily.

Revolution : The rate and the ease with which digital market is spreading.  It is a revolution in itself. Thus, if you spread or promote any word or idea in the digital market then it will also spread like a revolution.

Summing up : Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. You cannot stay away from it. The world is moving very fast and if you don’t keep pace with it and don’t involve yourself in digital marketing then you are going to be lagging really miles behind.

P10 Wireless 3W

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P10 Wireless 3W

Product Review

P10 Wireless 3W has Super Bass Mini Metal Aluminium Alloy with Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Mic, LED Light, Micro SD Card Slot, FM Radio and AUX Mode.Black is the only colour for P10 Wireless 3W.

Battery life is also quite good even and easily lasting about 3 to 3.5 hour at average volume.

Build Quality
The speaker is very well Built in metal housing and chamfered edges. Aluminium body with metal grill on top gives it durability and sturdiness. The buttons are at the bottom consisting power on/off , Mode , Volume +,- and play pause button. There are 3 Led’s at the bottom and gives it a very good look in the dark.

Sound Quality
The sound quality on this speaker was really good, better then expectation. It is very loud and clear though there might be some distortions at max level. The bass on this is also good, it packs that punch in the bass. Making calls on it was also a breeze.  The mic works great. All in all the sound quality is good considering the price point.

Usually you don’t get this feature in less than 1000 rs . Change mode to Radio and press play button for auto scan, once scanned it will play all the fm stations in your area. The AUX mode is also there, for that you will have to use 3.5mm to micro USB cable. MicroSD was working great too.

All in all the Features this speaker packs in and the price it comes at is really awesome, you will also get the warranty. So don’t think too much and buy this speaker.

The quality of the audio is the perfect.


Bluetooth, Aux, MicroSd, FM works great. The sound is amazing. Its easy to setup Bluetooth. Battery backup is more than 2.5 hours that they promise P10 wireless. 3W is easy to carry.

All the buttons and microUSB/AUX port at the bottom are really small and difficult to reach. At high volumes, the sound starts crackling slightly. You have to struggle to set the wire as an antenna. It takes a lot of adjustment to catch proper FM signal.

OnePlus 5T (Midnight Black 8GB +128GB Memory)

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OnePlus 5T (Midnight Black 8GB +128GB Memory)
Product Review
The OnePlus 5T is an impressive refinement of the company's fast progression in smart phones. It's very similar to the OnePlus 5, but the new screen size and face unlock feature make it feel surprisingly fresh. Unlike the OnePlus 3T, the 5T does not get a notable bump over the previous generation in terms of core specs.
One plus 5T is a bit taller than the OnePlus 5 to accommodate the new screen, measuring 156x75x7.3mm. It won’t fit properly in an old case, but you wouldn’t want it to now that the fingerprint sensor is on the back. Luckily, it’s really fast, easy to use and is circular.

The new OnePlus 5T is excellent with a huge, crisp screen and screaming performance. But it’s coming from a company that is dangerously close to annoying its fans and appearing like it has run out of ideas, even though it hasn’t.


The display is altered with a 6.01in Optic A MOLED panel that uses a 1080x2160 resolution to create the 18:9 aspect ratio. It takes up a whopping 80.5 percent of the front of the device.

It has a bright, colourful panel that is a smidge under Samsung-quality, but as is usually the case with OnePlus, it’s a belter of a screen, the auto-brightness setting is too aggressive and makes the screen too dim much of the time.

The only changes are the display, fingerprint placement, camera sensors and new face unlock feature. It's great that the 5T does not suffer from the jelly scroll effect that plagues the OnePlus 5 still. The display size and quality is the best upgrade here.


One plus 5T has a quality camera set up. The main is 16Mp with f/1.7 aperture while the secondary is a 20Mp with f/1.7 aperture. This is an upgrade from the OnePlus 5, whose secondary camera was an f/2.6 telephoto lens.

OnePlus claims the 5T is its best ever phone for low light photography and this appears to hold true.

Battery life

The battery life is about the same as the 5, and the 5T shares the same capacity. Dash Charge remains an excellent charging technology .5T achieve four hours of screen on time under fairly heavy usage until it was reaching empty.

Connectivity and audio

Call quality has been solid, and it's good to see OnePlus plow on with the dual-SIM slot as standard, but there's still no expandable storage.

The one plus 5T is overall a better device .The 5T is the fastest phone we have ever used besides the Pixel 2 this year. Away from Android, this year's iPhones are also ridiculously quick with Apple's new A11 Bionic chip. One plus 5T comes with better viewing angles and lower power consumption, it can capture wonderful images without losing details even in low light conditions and it looks very premium in the hands.


One plus 5T doesn’t not have expandable memory via card slot, its heavy to carry, it does not present FM Radio, it does not have JAVA. It does not have dust resistant. There is no waterproofing of any kind, nor any form of wireless charging. We don't care about the latter too much, but the former is something the OnePlus 5T lacks in comparison to nearly every other Android flagship. So there are some sacrifices to achieve the price. 

It’s a phone we find to be ridiculously slippery. It’s so thin, and the back isn’t very grippy so snapping it into a case almost a must. This is a shame, as the cases do not show off the excellent premium build underneath. This isn't a problem unique to OnePlus, though.  It’s also definitely a two-handed phone. The lack of bezels looks lovely, but makes a phone harder to hold. Only the massive-handed will be able to reach their thumb to the top of the display, and for us texting with one hand is impossible.


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What do you look in a phone? Beauty, style, compatibility or the performance. Well, have you ever wonder if you can get all these in a single set. Yes, you heard me right. You can get all these and many more features in a single phone and that is none other than Redmi Y1.
This beautiful phone from the house of Redmi comes in golden colour which looks gorgeous and has an elegant touch to it. The phone comes with a thin durable body which is extremely lightweight and thus very comfortable to carry around. It is a dream on hands and thus you can carry this phone throughout the day without even feeling the burden. The Redmi Y1 weighs a merely 153 grams which is extremely lightweight if you compare it with phone of present times. The phone has a metallic and stylish appearance which gives an elegant and premium look to your phone. The Redmi Y1 comes with a 13.9 cm and 5.5 display which enables the user to fit the phone easily in their hand. This makes it easy and convenient to work with. Also, the phone comes with an corning Gorilla glass which prevents the phone from accidental scratches even when it will fall. This makes the phone accident proof and thus you won’t worry about it too much if it falls accidentally.
Redmi Y1 is enables with higher battery backup. It is powdered with a 3080 mAH battery capacity and coupled with a system level MIUI optimization. This enables the phone to survive for longer hours without the need of charging it every now and then. Do you know the Redmi Y1 offers an incredible battery backup of 10 hours of video playback, 12 hours of gaming and 21 hours of reading? So, this phone is perfect for people who are always on a go. It would eliminate you to carry the charger and your power bank wherever you go. The phone is enabled with a dual sim capacity which is perfect to take care of both of your personal and commercial needs. It would eliminate the need to carry 2 different phones simultaneously. You can fit two 4G nano sim cards which will definitely make your life much more easier. The Redmi Y1 phone also comes with an expandable memory slot on your phone. It comes with a micro SD slot storage which can claim storage capacity of 128 GB. It gives you ample amount of storage which will allow you to store and capture memories without the stress of deleting or clearing your memory. Redmi Y1 is loaded with MIUI 9 which is loaded with system level customizations and optimizations which is perfect for battery life usage and phone’s performance. This makes the experience of Redmi Y1 makes the experience much more faster and easier. Redmi Y1 comes with a superior camera feature which comes with a 16 MP which enables you to capture the clear and minute parts of the image. Redmi Y1 comes with a touchscreen feature which enables you to get all the tasks done only with touch of fingers.
Redmi Y1 comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty for the device and 6 months of warranty for the in box accessories of Redmi Y1 phone. And the in box accessories also include the batteries. And this warranty is applicable right from the date of purchase of the phone.

Redmi Y1 is one of the best phone which you can get at this price. It is one of the bestselling phone in the market and these days you will get a number of shops who can assist you in the phone’s features if you ever land up in trouble. 

Latest 2017 Dj Pahari Song Shansha Himachali Song Pahari Nati BLAST HD

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weed da saroor hd video | Bohemia Deep Jandu | Latest Punjabi Song

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underwater creatures

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