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5 WhatsApp features I think we all deserve

Written by Mohammad Faisal
| New Delhi |

Published: March 10, 2020 6:22:03 pm

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WhatsApp offers loads of features for the convenience of users. The Facebook-owned messaging app did not come with most of these features when it started years ago, but with every passing year WhatsApp kept on adding new functionalities to improve the user experience. The result of this is — WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms today with more than 2 billion users in the world.

Even though the messaging app has made chatting more fun and convenient than ever before, I still have some suggestions for WhatsApp which could make the user experience even more amazing, especially for the younger generation.

NO tolerance for ‘Good Morning’ texts

Aside from being the breeding ground for misinformation and fake news, WhatsApp family groups are plagued with ‘good morning’ text messages. Yes uncle, Earth just completed a rotation on its axis and the light from our nearest star is falling on this part of the planet; there’s nothing good about it and I am already running late for the office.

Well, only if WhatsApp rolls out a feature that automatically deletes any message with the phrase “good morning” in it, we might not want to delete the application every morning. As soon as someone dares to send a good morning text in the family group or via private chat, it should self-destruct immediately and the sender should be informed that WhatsApp doesn’t tolerate such kind of behaviour. We can also do something about the fake news as well but the good morning mayhem needs to be the priority I feel.

Polls to Group chats

Discussing something on a WhatsApp group becomes a pain pretty quickly. Just try to ask your friends where to meet for the upcoming trip or which movie you all should go watch the next Sunday. You will know what I am talking about. The majority of times, people start talking about random things instead of the actual discussion. No wonder the whole plan comes crashing down.

Yeah mate, we know you love tomato sauce to the point of mixing it with cold coffee, but can we please concentrate on the pressing issue here? These discussions would have been so much convenient only if WhatsApp had an option to post Polls to the groups. Just post the question and options, and go ahead with the vote.

Honest Emojis and expressions

I lost count of people who text LOL, ROFL, or the emoji with tears of joy while making the face of a person who did not laugh in a century. WhatsApp should restrict such behaviour and incorporate the concept of Honest Emojis where users can use phrases like ROFLMAO or laughing emojis only when they open their front camera and let the application see that they are actually laughing or “rolling on the floor laughing”. Now don’t get me started on the use of emoji during sexting.

Protect my WhatsApp number from creeps

The ladies out there will definitely agree with me on this. We are often added to random WhatsApp groups and while “Group Privacy Settings” allow us to stop anyone from adding us to groups, there are times when we want to be added to groups just for the sake of it. However, big groups are the spot for creeps who don’t waste a single second to save a girl’s number added to the group.

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There should be a creep wall functionality on WhatsApp which forbids people from seeing the contact number of other participants of the group. Take the signal, man! She doesn’t want to talk to you. Stop bugging her on private chat.

Ban people who upload songs on WhatsApp stories

There is a rising trend of people who post full-fledged songs on their WhatsApp Story. This kind of behaviour should call for a ban on the user. Or at the very least– put a week-long ban on posting stories. Yeah I know, we can mute stories of people in our contact list but that’s not the point.

You like a song, you are free to listen to it. But why do you have to make everyone listen to it? I have to first put my phone on Mute before I start seeing Stories or else “Andaz Jo Dekha Zalim Ka” starts playing on full volume; on my phone; without any warning; in the office; courtesy of some of my contacts.

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Updated: March 10, 2020 — 3:55 pm

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