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Here’s how to track daily workouts


Written by Karanveer Singh Arora
| New Delhi |

Published: January 18, 2020 7:07:35 pm

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With the start of the Marathon season, you might be getting ready to take part in one. And one of the major factors that most users have in mind while preparing for a marathon or even while performing regular exercises is that they want to track their daily activity and know how much progress they have made.

The marathon season kicks off with the Mumbai marathon this Sunday. If you are preparing to be part of one, then keep in mind:

Track your progress on a fitness tracker or a smartwatch

Getting a fitness tracker will help you keep a track of your workout, your sleep and more. Fitness trackers can detect if you are being active and can track what exercise you are performing, how many calories are you burning, what is your heart rate and more. Studying all of that and setting a pattern for yourself will help you get in shape and increase your stamina. It will also let you know when your body is being overtaxed and if you need to take some rest. You can get fitness trackers from Fitbit or Garmin, even if you are on a budget you can get fitness trackers from Xiaomi and Honor to name a few.

Fitness as a theme is growing by a huge pace currently with more and more people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. This has been seen by many smartwatch manufacturers like Apple, Fossil and Samsung, all of whom are integrating fitness tracking technology and features into their smartwatches. These smartwatches now apart from telling you the time, providing you with notifications or taking calls can also help you track your workouts and sleep.

“The Retina display [of the Apple Watch Series 5] that stays ON works wonders for me when I’m running. I’m able to constantly see my running stats without making any effort and irrespective of the light I’m running in,” said Reeti Sahay, captain of Adidas Runners in Delhi.

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“Also, I love the running auto pause feature. When I’m running long in the Summers specially, I end up taking a few breaks to replenish fluid and I don’t need to bother about stopping the watch, Another feature I absolutely love about ten Apple Watch is that it locks onto GPS automatically, unlike most running watches, so there really is no stress on the start line of a marathon. Tap on the workout app, tap Outdoor Run, wait for the three-second countdown and it’s time to get those feet moving. It takes off that stress of waiting for the watch to catch the GPS signal and that’s really the last thing you want to worry about at the start of a race,” she added.

Track your workouts on your smartphone

If you are just beginning to live a healthy lifestyle and have just started working out, getting a fitness tracker or a smartwatch might not be your first priority. You might first want to get into a workout routine and maintain it for sometime before investing money into a gadget. Do not worry, you can still track your workouts with the help of your smartphone.

These days many fitness-related apps for tracking workouts, tracking sleep to tracking your diet have clouded both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can start tracking your fitness regime on those apps and then see if investing in a smartwatch or a dedicated fitness tracker will be worth it for you or not.

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All of these tracking apps take data from the sensors present on the smartphone like the accelerometer, gravitational sensor and more. Some of these apps also help you by providing you with an exercise schedule and the types of excersises you need to perform to reach your goal, which might be to lose weight, gain muscle or even to increase stamina.

Some good apps that you can use to track your workouts include: Google Fit, Runtastic, Nike Training Club, HeavySet, FitBod, ​​Stacked, MyFitnessPal, No Equipment, Runkeeper, Jefit, Workit and ​​Strongly.

Some workouts you can take up to increase your stamina for taking part in marathons are paced running, where you set a pace and go for a long run, if you cannot run for long at the beginning, start with paced walking and gradually improve. Burst runs, where you run extremely fast for short distances to improve your lung capacity. If you want to start small and then do heavy workouts later, start by taking the stairs in your office and avoiding the lift.

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