Importance of Digital Marketing in India:
Importance of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing: Huge Market

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. As of 2016 our population is 1.3 billion. And our digitally equipped population is only 20% which is far less than US and China but because of our vast population we still have more than 25 crore people who are active users of internet.  This makes us stand to rank 3 of the world’s internet users.

Digital Marketing : what It Is

Digital Marketing is advertising or promoting your products and services in the digital market. Digital market here signifies search engines, social media sites, emails and various other electronic media devices.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Cost : Digital Marketing is extremely cost effective as compared to other traditional tools of marketing. If you compare print media and press media then you will realize that digital marketing only costs a fraction of the same.

Target Audience : The biggest bonus with digital marketing is that you will be able to tap the customers irrespective of sex, caste and creed. So, you can target them as a universal audience.

Coverage: The coverage with digital marketing is huge. You can not only cover Indian but you will be able to cover international audience as well. And the cost in covering both national and international boundaries will be extremely less.

Tracking : With digital marketing tracking has become much more easier. You can very easily track your target audience and monitor their likes and choices. This will help you make a better and informed choice about the same.

Interactive: Digital Market is highly interactive. People love to share their thoughts, ideas and views on digital platform which can inspire others or even others can comment on the same. This is what makes a healthy decision or an interactive platform. This makes the word to spread quite easily.

Revolution : The rate and the ease with which digital market is spreading.  It is a revolution in itself. Thus, if you spread or promote any word or idea in the digital market then it will also spread like a revolution.

Summing up : Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. You cannot stay away from it. The world is moving very fast and if you don’t keep pace with it and don’t involve yourself in digital marketing then you are going to be lagging really miles behind.


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