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iPhone SE demand coming from those who want smaller form factor: Tim Cook

Written by Nandagopal Rajan

Published: May 1, 2020 7:40:08 am

iPhone SE, Apple iPhone SE 2020, iPhone SE 2020 price in India, iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR, iPhone SE 2020 specs The iPhone SE has a smaller form factor with a 4.7-inch screen at a time when almost all other phones are over 5 inches.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the iPhone SE, Apple’s most affordable phone so far, has been well received but was getting more interest because of its form factor. “It appears that those customers are primarily coming from wanting a smaller form factor with the latest technology, or coming over from it from Android,” he said during an earnings call after Apple’s Q2 2020 results were announced.

Despite the global impact of Covid-19, Apple reported that it grew for the quarter, “driven by an all-time record in Services and a quarterly record for Wearables”.

The iPhone SE has a smaller form factor with a 4.7-inch screen at a time when almost all other phones are over 5 inches. The phone was priced $399 in the US, the same price point the original iPhone SE was launched at four years ago. In India, the iPhone SE will sell for Rs 42,500.

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Cook said the iPhone SE will have a play in “every geo”, but added that he expects to “see it doing even better in areas where the median incomes are less”. The Apple CEO was also optimistic about the iPhone SE being able to convert new users to the iOS ecosystem. “it’s an unbelievable offer. It’s, if you will, the engine of our top phones in a very affordable package. And I think it’s faster than the fastest Android phones. And so it’s an exceptional value.”

On where the iPhone SE fits in Apple’s overall strategy, Cook said the fundamental strategy, of “delivering the best product at a good price”, has not changed at all. “As you know, we did have an SE for a while. It’s great to to bring it back. It was a beloved product. And so I wouldn’t read anything into that other than we want to give people the best deal that we can while making the best product.”

Cook said the fact that Apple was able to launch and ship the Phone SE, the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard, and the MacBook Air is the indicator that the company is “continuing to operate”. “The business continues and the new products are our lifeblood. And so we’re continuing to work,” he said, adding how everybody was getting used to working at home.

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Updated: May 1, 2020 — 2:49 am

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