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Ludo King tips and tricks: Few things to keep in mind

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora
| New Delhi |

Published: April 22, 2020 7:00:49 am

Ludo King, Ludo King tips and tricks, Ludo King strategy, Ludo King cheats, Ludo King hacks, Ludo King tips, Ludo King tricks, Ludo King features, Ludo King app, Ludo King Android, Ludo King iOS Considering the game has exploded in popularity, we have decided to curate five tips and tricks that can be employed during gameplay, to skew your chances of scoring a win.

Ludo King is a game that has grown immensely in popularity during this COVID-19 lockdown. Many people have started playing it with their families, partners and celebrities are also playing it and posting pictures on their social media handles. The game is very easy and most of us have played it a lot during our childhood.

The app is available on desktop, iOS and Android giving it a wide appeal. As a desktop player who is working on a PPT can play with someone who is in the kitchen cooking food and playing the game on their smartphone. As it supports an offline mode also your family can gather up after dinner and play a quick game of ludo, without the stress of finding that one missing piece of your physical board game.

Considering the game has exploded in popularity, we have decided to curate five tips and tricks that can be employed during gameplay, to skew your chances of scoring a win.

Collect all of the free coins that you can get daily

Most of us do not like spending money inside of apps. And considering the economic slowdown, most of us would not want to spend our hard-earned money on in-game currency. Every coin that you can get for free within the game would allow you to play for a longer time, helping you stay connected with your close ones in this dire time.

Playing for fun? Play small

During the ongoing pandemic, most of us are locked inside of our homes, so playing games like Ludo King is just to pass time and maintaining a connection with your close friends and family. So going in for a bid of 5,000 coins per player is not an intelligent decision to make. As because of that you might win a game, however, make the other person bankrupt inside of the game, which might not allow them to play the next round. So play it smart, and play rounds of 50 to 100 coins allowing the time of fun and connection prolong.

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Getting all pieces free should be your goal

If you focus on playing the game one piece at a time, then you are at the risk of getting the piece cut at a point where you might be just around the corner of your home lane. This pain a lot, trust me I throw a tantrum every time that happens. So the best tip I can give you here is that take out every piece and spread all of them slowly and equally, devising a strategy to win.

Spread your pieces throughout the board

Spreading all of our pieces throughout the board will give you a tactical advantage inside this game of luck. As you can move a piece freely that does not have any other piece chasing to cut it. While at the same time keeping other pieces strategically placed, waiting to cut any pieces that get ahead of you and threaten to take your winning place.

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Change the game, now and then

Just playing Ludo all of the time gets monotonous and might drive you away from the app. The app developers already thought about that and integrated two other games inside of the app. The first is a game that we have seen come paired with Ludo boards since ages, that is Snakes and Ladders. Whereas, the other game is a pure game of luck, called Lucky 7. Thus every time you get bored just shift and play one of the other games for a while

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Updated: April 22, 2020 — 2:17 am

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