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Motorola Razr is the most complicated phone ever, difficult to self repair: iFixit

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi |

Updated: February 17, 2020 4:18:36 pm

Motorola Razr is yet to reach India.

Motorola Razr is yet to reach India. The flip phone is available in the US and is expected to hit the Indian shores very soon. Previously, Motorola Razr has been subjected to several durability tests. In the latest teardown by iFixit Razr was found to be one of the most complex phones ever. It is much more complicated than the Galaxy Fold.

iFixit revealed that it is impossible to self repair Motorola Razr. It discovered that Motorola Razr is the most complicated phone ever. Until now, it was the Galaxy Fold, but iFixit said that the Razr is way more complicated than the Fold. iFixit said that the Motorola Razr is made of “complex construction and multiple flex cable booby traps” that will make it very difficult for self repairs.

Are we ready for foldable phones?

iFixit struggled in the teardown of the latest foldable phone from Motorola. And it is mainly due to the components the phone uses such as “glued-on outer covers”. The Razr comes with a charging port that is soldered directly into its motherboard. Not just this, iFixit also discovered that it is extremely difficult to replace the batteries of the Razr. The Motorola Razr comes with two batteries, in fact that’s the case with all foldable phones. iFixit said that in order to replace the batteries the phone has to be totally disassembled.

moto razr 759 Image: iFixit

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The teardown found a gap between the Razr’s hinge and screen on both sides. To recall, the first batch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold suffered the same issue. iFixit said that it is difficult to replace the screen of the Razr but Motorola has revealed to replace the display of the Razr for a price tag of $299. Talking about the design of the Razr, iFixit said that it is impressed with the “numerous feats of engineering”.

iFixit described the Motorola Razr as the “most complicated phone-based contraption we’ve ever taken apart.” In the teardown, the Razr earned a repairability score of 1, which is the lowest ever. In fact, lower than even the Samsung Galaxy Fold that scored 2.

Everything you need to know about the Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr has been subjected to several durability tests in the past. In JerryRigEverything’s durability test video the screen of the Razr was seen getting easily scratched. The screen of the foldable phone registered deep scratches in level two similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. In CNET durability test. CNET also conducted a durability test, which showed the Razr suffered folding issue after 27,000 folds.

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Updated: February 17, 2020 — 5:45 pm

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