Prepping for interview
Prepping for interview

An interview is something which we all are nervous about. We keep on thinking about what are the perfect ways to nail an interview, especially personal interview. Because if you are able to nail a personal interview then you have higher chances of getting a job. But if in a personal interview if you are unsure or nervous then it shows automatically on your face. So, how to hide it or fake it in front of the interviewer. This is a bit tricky but not impossible.
Thus, let’s have a look at some below-given tips and tricks which will help you to prep fully and nail an interview –
1.       Research – Research about the organization you are going to attend an interview for. This will give you an insight into the organization and their values.
2.       Know their existing employees – You need to know about the existing employees of the organization. This will give you an idea that which type of employees do they like to have. Judge their number of years of experience, background, knowledge, skills and many more.
3.       Have a chat with them – In order to know better about the company have a chat with existing employees. Why don’t you use LinkedIn to have a professional introduction to the company and it’s working environment?
4.       Know who your interviewer is – You must research thoroughly about the interviewer. Find out from which background he is coming from. Find out his skills and knowledge and anything more professionally if you can.
5.       Know your job Profile – Do a thorough study of your job profile. This will help you to understand the job better and what the company demands from you and also will help you to ask any questions if you have about the job.
6.       Know the previous employee – Also, you need to find out who was working in the position where you are applying for. Find out why he left. Is there something you are missing? Also, maybe the previous employer will give you an insight into the company and your reporting authority.
7.       Your Costume– This is very important. Since you need to look confident try to look your best. Wear smart but comfortable clothes. Wear well ironed and steamed clothes. Also, don’t wear too bright clothes.
8.       Footwear Selection – Avoid nosy and uncomfortable shoes. This will show up immediately on your face and can ruin your entire interview.
9.       Smell Good – This is very important. Be it your oral smell or your body odour. Smell your best.
10. Check your CV – Double check your CV. Look for the questions or any loopholes in your CV. Prepare yourself for any negative questions. This will help you immensely during the interview.
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