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The Apple blog: Why I’m stuck with the iPhone

Written by Nandagopal Rajan
| New Delhi |

Published: February 16, 2020 3:51:19 pm

The apple blog The Apple Blog: Apple’s devices offer so much that puts you at ease as a user.

I have often been asked why I like Apple products. Well, there’s a story behind why I trust the brand. It must have been 2012. My son was just about a year old and discovering the joys of walking and being in places he’s not supposed to be. One day the toddler decides to figure out what happens when he throws something down from our balcony.

We are on the third floor and the balcony has been heavily barricaded with bamboo panels to prevent such delinquent behavior. Only small, thin stuff can pass through. So he goes for my wife’s iPhone 4 — that year both of us invested in iPhone 4s as they had become cheaper, two years after launch. The phone has a free fall to the concrete surface below, but survives the fall with minor bruises. It’s still somewhere in our house and will come back to life if charged.

A few weeks later, it’s my iPhone’s turn. One late night I take the bottle from my son and put it casually by the pillow. By morning the remaining milk in the bottle has dropped all over my phone which was just under the bottle. That device too survives to see many iOS upgrades.

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These two instances have laid the foundation of the trust I have in the iPhone and other Apple products. When it comes to phones the only other brand that has my trust this way is Nokia, of which I have a few models lying around at home, including my first Nokia 3100.

What happened to me might have been sheer luck, but it also shows what these phones can take — no I have not tried putting them in a blender.

There is more. Apple’s devices offer so much that puts you at ease as a user. For someone who writes a lot like me — I’m writing this piece on a phone too — it’s so reassuring to know that I don’t need to save anything on an iPhone or iPad, and even a Mac for that instance.

In our last week’s Apple Blog we talked about iPhone’s battery. Is it time for Apple to offer a better battery?

And the iOS is so intuitive for Apple users — yeah, I know Android users struggle here — and you become faster at doing things over time. It helps that most iPhones are on the latest version, unlike Android which is split across OS versions, and you get the same features and experiences around multiple devices. Also, it’s rare to see a big change, you slide into an OS update and is seldom startled by what’s come with a new version.

Then there is the question of trust. I have to confess that despite having used hundreds of Android phones over the years, I haven’t activated my credit card for the Play store. On Apple, I swiped my card the day I got my first iOS device. That’s just trust that my data will be safe and on a device at all times. That does not mean it cannot be stolen of someone with a Pegasus-like weapon cannot two in if they put their mind and money behind it.

One last thing and that’s the apps. From the Bear App, I’m writing this blog on to Otter voice notes that transcribes all my interviews, it’s the App Store that gets the best apps first and maybe even exclusively. And that alone is one good reason for me to stick to iOS for now.

But there have also been times I wanted to move out of an iPhone. That’s been when I have been caught in a spot with a phone that’s drained out of its battery and quite a few hours left in the day. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max that pain point has been fixed finally.

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Updated: February 16, 2020 — 10:25 am

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