What your CV must cover

CV or your curriculum vitae is something which will speak on your behalf. This is the cover for your job and on the basis of your CV only you will be called for the next stage. And for the same CV if found improper you might be rejected also.
What your CV must cover

Thus, your CV must have correct information which should maximize your chances of selection and not rejection. Have a look at the points given below which must be covered in your CV –
1.       Academic Details – You must understand that academic details are a must to be mentioned in your CV but till what extent should also be judged. If you are in the early stages of your career say till 3 years then your academic details might hold importance but as you grow in your career academic details will hold quite less importance. 
2.       Social Profiles – There is an option to give social media links to your profile but you must be choosy and adequate about it. There is no point in giving facebook, twitter and Instagram id in your CV. You should give only your linkedn id because it is the only professional networking site at present.
3.       Organizational details – This is one of the most important part of your CV. This is what will be minutely looked and studied upon. Thus, try to cover your organization name clearly. Also, enlist your job responsibilities fully. Make sure that if you are asked on any one of them then you will be able to answer it correctly.
4.       What to Avoid – In your organizational details section try to avoid putting your reporting authority’s name because that is not at all required. It will any way be mentioned in the references section.
5.       References – This is again a very important part of your CV and you should be careful as what you should put. Try to avoid your classmates and faculty members as it looks quite unprofessional. The best is to give references from your pas organizations. And do make sure that the phone number and email id you mention there is active.
6.       Length of the CV – This is very important. Your CV should be too the point and not too long. Make sure that if you have 3 years of experience then don’t make a CV of 6 pages otherwise it will reflect that you have just dragged about yourself.
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