When should you switch your Job
When should you switch your Job

This is a tricky question. You might be working in your present job for quite long but you should also know that when do you have to switch. Also, in private jobs it’s all about growth be it monetary or organizational. And the secret to both lies in constant switching. So, for this you need to know when is the bell going to ring and when you should start looking for an opportunity outside.
Let’s have a look at the points given below to find out is this the time for you to switch your job –
1.       Learning – First and foremost in the early stages of your career at least till 5-6 years you must understand that learning is going to be extremely important for you. Thus, focus on what and how much are you learning. If any time you feel that your learning has stopped or it is not adding any value to your CV then this is the time for you.
2.       Boring – Of course if you feel that you are dragging yourself to work every day or if you are not finding it exciting to work then you should switch guys. There is no point in working in so much pressure and mental exhaustion when you have the easy option to switch.
3.       Monetary Issues – If you feel that you are underpaid in your current job then you must switch. And I strongly believe that money is one of the major driving forces in your job. Thus, at any point of time if you feel that you are being paid less then you should never hesitate to switch.
4.       Too Long – If you have been in your current job for too long then you must switch. Otherwise trust me you will soon become obsolete in the market. 3 years is the maximum time to stay in a job. Post that if you are working in the same role then you must switch.
5.       Market Condition – if you feel that the market has moved ahead o your friends are far ahead in the career race, then you must switch. After all looking for options and switching continuously will keep you informed about the market conditions and also will keep you aware about your sector.  
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